Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aculife: Electrical Health Device

Effects on Electrical Health Device

Today's advanced technology has produced many sequelae such as blood-pressure hikes, bad temper, tinnitus,and other bizarre symptoms, which no one can find the causes. We call this civilization sequelae. Nowadays numerous modern appliances and automobiles exist in our daily lives. However, by using these products, it allows us to absorb too many positive ions. Excessive absorption of positive ions can make us feel nervous make us get angry easily, tighten our muscles, raise blood pressure. make us breathe with difficulty, etc. In 1968, Dr. Krueger and Dr. Smith experimented with both positive and negative ions in the air by going through skin, respiratory tract into human bodies to find the following helpful functions for negative ions (and reverse effects for positive ions):

*A. Increase lung oxygen capacity 
*B. Lower blood pressure and heart rate 
*C. Decrease release of Scrotonin hormones and enhance its metabolism by 50% 
*D. Decrease release of Histamine and enhance its metabolism by 50% 
*E. Improve central nerve system and cell membrane normalization
*F. Enhance and normalize body metabolism

Effects of Anion on Cells

The human body is composed of cells, and mitochondria are cells' power generators. Mitochondria absorb nutrients from cells and convert them into energy, maintain a normalized balance on our physical functions, and absorb or filter other external agents. Anion's ionization is very high; after entering cells, it can improve mitochondria's power-generating ability and enhance cell functions. In addition, it can help cells absorb or eliminate external agents. When anion goes to your body through skin, it can change the electric charge inside cells to strength cells' organization and soften red blood cells for better blood circulation. Better blood circulation can cause blood pressure to decline and eliminate body aches automatically. Furthermore, certain breathing problem can be cured without taking any medicine.

Causes of Blood Acidification

Nowadays, over-eating delicious foods that are too acidic can lead to storing of old and useless acidic elements in your body. This can acidify your blood. By continuously consuming of meat, your blood can absorb more wasteful, harmful agents. By digesting and processing these harmful agents, it can pollute your blood and cause your blood to be acidified. In this undesirable situation, a weakness of cell membranes will appear Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) will lose its ability and its activeness.

Functions of Anion

1.Body Consititution Improvement

When negative ions are inserted into the human body, they make ATP inside cell membrane's more active. At the same time, unnecessary natrium and calcium inside cells will circulate in the blood streams. Conversely, potassium and magnesium will come back into cells to balance the electric charge inside and outside celIs. The potassium and magnesium can: neutralize wasteful, acidic agents circulating in blood streams (lactic acid, ketone body and other acidic agents); purify blood and maintain alkalinity level that results in normalizing the acid-alkaline balance. Even after the electric charge fades, the body can still sustain long-term APT's physical synthesis ability. If you use this device continuously for a long time, it can change your body constitution and make it healthier by increasing immunity and enhancing resistance.

2.Arteriosclerosis Improvement

Once the blood becomes acidified, cholesterol metabolism starts to change. Cholesterols begin to stick and clog the arterial walls so that arteries are hardened. At the meantime, if sufficient vegetable oil (not including fatty acids) is supplied, it can cleanse the arteries. It is essential to prevent the body from acidifying. In fact, anion's functions can increase cell membranes flow and enhance cell membranes metabolism to prevent aging. In summary, arteriosclerosis is mainly caused by mutation of cell membranes in arterial walls. Anions (negative ions) have an impact on countering this mutation.

3. Sterilization Effect

When negative ions are functioning, potassium and magnesium in blood streams will move into cells to filter wasteful elements and excess water out to blood streams. This process enhances cell membrane's metabolism. There is a certain level of potassium in blood streams. When potassium moves into cells, it has the ability to relieve pain and act like sterilization that will facilitate the recovery of wounds.

4. Enhancement of Enzyme Activeness

The characteristic to anions is that they can protect and normalize the alkalinity of cells from acidification. It can normalized the inside cells. If you eat too much meat or other food which contain over albumin, due to the urea form, it can fatally damage the embarrassment of a liver complaint. Meanwhile, it can increase ureal problem in blood so it may pollute blood. In addition, it can not only cause active ferment decline and then cause the burden to kidney. Therefore, if you adapt this device it can clear your blood, make ferment activate and greatly alleviate the burden to kidney and liver.

5. lmprovement of Stomach Peristalsis

Meats are digested in our intestines. Some toxic agents will result as a residue and will be absorbed by our bodies. Livers work overtime to fight against these toxic agents so that some agents will creep inside blood streams. The results are hardening of arteries, increasing of high blood-pressure, aching body parts, cancer, and other symptoms. Because these toxic agents are foul elements, we produce odorous elements like stools and gas. Due to the stimulus of these toxic agents, our intestinal walls tighten so that it results in constipation. If anions are being inserted at this moment, it can improve stomach peristalsis to prevent these toxic agents. Thus, our Anion Electric Health Device is your best choice for a better health.

6. Normalization of Autonomy Nerve Disorder

Nowadays, over-eating delicious foods that are too acidic and lack of exercise can acidify blood streams. This will acidify your body constitution which leads to fatigue and added anxiety. Furthermore, as anxiety and pressure build up, your body becomes even more acidified. This becomes a vicious cycle, and your body loses the alkalinity balance. The addition of anions can improve cell membranes. One of the more noticeable improvements is in nerve cells. Nerve cells send signals to our central nerve system when being signaled (or stimulated) by external force. Therefore, they are most sensitive to anions.

Living in a society with so much pressure, many unnecessary signals are hitting our central nerve system so that nerve disorders can appear. Fortunately, negative ions (anions) can remedy this terrible situation and end this vicious cycle by normalizing the nerve cell membranes and alkalify blood streams for a normalized body constitution and healthier body.

7.Allergy Improvement

Negative ions (anions) are helpful for people who have asthma or eczema. In today's society, people rely heavily on chemicals and medicines to maintain and improve Our bodies. However. these medicines cannot solve all the problems and they are only a temporary solution. The best way to keep our bodies healthy is to change our body constitution entirely. In 1968, Dr. Krueger and Dr. Smith experimented with I)oth positive and negative ions in the air by going through skin, respiratory tract into human bodies to find the following helpful functions for negative ions (and reverse effects for positive ions): 

*A. Increase lung oxygen capacity 
*B. Lower blood pressure and heart rate 
*C. Decrease release of Scrotnin hormones and enhance its metabolism by 50%
*D. Decrease release of Histamin and enhance its metabolism by 50%
*E. Improve central nerve system and cell membrane nornialization F.Enhance and normalize body metabolism

About Positive Body Responses

When using the Anion Electric Health Device, since everyone's body constitution Is
different, people may experience different body responses. For instance, some people may feel tired, lose sleep, or experience other uncomfortable symptoms. However, these are good signs because your body is responding to anions and it is slowly cha*nging its constitution. Your body would filter out wasteful or toxic agents. The filtering process would cause the blood to gather. Thus, your body would experience these responses. The wasteful or toxic agents would come out from your skin, so your body may feel itchy for two to three days. Some wasteful agents may take even longer to filter. Therefore, you do not need to worry about these body responses.