Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anion Electrical Health Device

Detect * Relieve * Healthcare

Its principle is inclined to the human body the unhealthy blood acidly, through the extremely high voltage which the human body can load, improve blood into a kind of treatment of the blood of weak soda sex-health. Adjustable self-containment nerve in the human body too. There is vibrations whole body treatment of 60 times in one second. Can improve the headache, the shoulder aches, the symptoms, such as constipation, etc.

It proves that electric potential ion have following function to physiology to prove (whether straight electric potential ion on the contrary).

1. Can increase the vital capacity.
2. Promote ciliary’s sports and rate of blood pressure and heartbeat fallen.
3. Reduce the internal nerve hormone SCROTNIN releasing and promote more than 50% metabolism.
4. Reduce the internal tissue ammonia HISTAMIN releasing and promote more than 50% of its metabolism in the body.
5. Promote central nervous system and normalize body cell membrane electric potential.
6. Promote body endocrine and metabolism normalization.

According to the confirmation of Health Department in Japan, this instrument helps cure the headache, relies mainly on migraine and muscle contractivity particularly, promote the blood circulation , make the tired shoulder muscle refresh, it also has a good result to chronic constipation ,etc.. On the other hand, this instrument can purify the blood , longing run can impel the blood to recover the natural state even more, contain neural adjustment and characteristic of the use exchange static by oneself , make the whole body cell stimulated by 50 times in one second, in order to improve the cell's own vitality and penetrating.

With the different methods of electric circuit of the disease, all have nothing in common with each other, such as hypertension, hypotension, diabetes , headache , insomnia , chronic constipation , lumbago , kneeache etc., there are different fittings for future spending , lay at home like a personal medical apparatus, treat the disease by oneself at any time.

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